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Coffee Break with Game Changers

What is your enterprise Social Media IQ?

Let’s talk about your company’s Social Media IQ.
Do you know the score? If you haven’t checked recently, or it’s embarrassingly low, you need to do something now!

Why? Because in the time it takes to read this, petabytes of fresh social media intelligence are whooshing by.

If you’re not listening, capturing, analyzing and taking action on rich business data, you may miss the boat all year.
Our experts know what it takes to achieve a Mensa-level Social Media IQ, and invite you to listen in to this week’s episode of Game Changer Radio.

Amber Mac: “If content is king, then conversion is queen." - John Munsell, CEO/co-founder of Bizzuka

Arthur Bailey: “You cannot control what people say online about your company, but you can manage and track the volumes of conversation.”

Schalk Viljoen: "If everything seems under control, you`re just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti, world champion racing driver


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